About the Blog

This blog started in 2019 as an effort to provide readers with music recommendations from someone who isn’t a professional writer or musician. There are a lot of music reviewers out there who do a great job writing about music theory and delving into lyrics. I think that’s boring. I want to know if the album is any good, which songs are the highlights, and which ones straight up rock! I’m not a professional, I just like good music. I hope that others have the same passion for music and appreciate a no-nonsense approach to classic rock reviews.

I encourage everyone to listen along to the albums that I review each week and share their opinions. I might describe a song in a particular way or how two songs relate or differ, and you might pick up on the reference if you’re familiar with the album, but if you’ve listened to it then you’ll definitely understand what I’m talking about. With a new post every week you’ll always have something new or old to listen to. From time to time I post lists and long-form discussions on what I perceive to be significant events in the development of classic rock (usually when I get busy with work to be honest!), but 95/100 times, you can expect new/old music to drive you through the week!

Rock on!