Bachman-Turner Overdrive- Bachman-Turner Overdrive II (1973): 7 October 2019

Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Bachman-Turner Overdrive II (1973)

Welcome back to YDCS! This week we’re taking a listen to the second album from Bachman-Turner Overdrive (abbreviated BTO from here on out), Bachman-Turner Overdrive II. After their first album failed to gain a significant amount of traction, BTO kept on and published this second album which included, what would become the classic rock staple, “Takin’ Care of Business.” Bachman-Turner Overdrive II would pave the way for the band’s most commercially successful album, Not Fragile, released the following year with the hit single “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”

Bachman-Turner Overdrive II had so much album appeal for me initially, but I was let down on the whole. There were some good songs that had great acoustic rock sound reminiscent of the Eagles or the Doobie Brothers, but a lot of the songs fell squarely into the “I won’t remember it in three days” camp. The highs are high, and the album features one of my favorite songs of all time, but the lows are just middle of the road rock songs. None of them are bad songs, in fact there’s even one or two hidden gems on the album, but on an eight-track album that means half the songs are average. Let me know what you think!

Dad’s Thoughts- The Breakdown

Blown: This is a solid start to the album. I’ve never heard “Blown” before, and honestly; I probably won’t remember it next week. This was never a big hit for BTO and it’s a pretty standard rock track. Not a whole lot to point out and nothing to really fault. Middle of the pack, solid start. Dad’s Rating 6/10

Welcome Home: “Welcome Home” has a little more spice to it! Immediately there’s a Latin flair that transitions into a surprising hard rock chorus! The juxtaposition is really interesting and the musicality is really great here. I like listening to the traditional rock sound over the Latin beat; that really works well for this song. Give this one a listen! Dad’s Rating 7/10

Stonegates: I wasn’t sure what to do with “Stonegates.” At first, it seems like it’s a fairly forgettable rock song. By the time the song is over, you realize that it has one of the shredding-est guitar solos you’ve ever heard and the buildup to that is what “Stonegates” is really all about. The song gets progressively faster from verse to verse, almost imperceptibly, and before you know it there’s a freewheelin’ twin guitar solo to wrap the song up. It’s done in a such a subtle way that I have to applaud it. This is a hidden gem worth checking out for that alone! Dad’s Rating: 7/10

Let It Ride: I LOVE “LET IT RIDE!” This is one of my favorite songs, period. I have a selective playlist of my favorite rock songs that only the best make it on to, and “Let It Ride” made the cut. The almost southern rock inspired strumming on the guitar, soft riffs, beautiful vocal harmony and driving beat; this song hits all the marks for me. “Let It Ride” is one of those songs that just puts me at ease listening to it, the other being “Wheels of Fortune” by the Doobie Brothers. Top marks. Dad’s Rating 10/10

Give It Time: Maybe it’s the fact that it follows one of my favorite songs, but “Give It Time” feels lackluster in comparison. None of the vocal harmony that I love, no soft rock sound, and no dynamicism. “Give It Time” just plays at one volume; loud. Not that that’s a bad thing, it just doesn’t do anything to wow me. This is an average rock song for me. Dad’s Rating 5/10

Tramp: “Tramp” is more exciting than “Give It Time” because it shows different styles in the same song, and I like that. The guitar riff doesn’t exactly do it for me, but the transition between the melodic verse and the hard rock inspired chorus is neat and well done. Dad’s Rating 6/10

I Don’t Have To Hide: I wasn’t sure what to make of “I Don’t Have To Hide” at first with its sound that’s like something straight out of a western movie, but the song really grew on me. It almost sounds like a lost Eagles song. The powerful, scream/sung chorus is very compelling and the musicality on this track is some of the better work on the album. This is a solid hidden gem and worth a listen! Dad’s Rating 7/10

Takin’ Care Of Business: We round out the album with a classic rock staple that still receives heavy radio play, “Takin’ Care Of Business.” I’m not sure there’s anything to fault with this song! It’s a fun song and a very strong finish to an album. You get a little bit of everything with “Takin’ Care Of Business;” some piano, a rocking guitar solo, and an upbeat groove. We don’t often see many cases where one of the strongest songs on the album is last on the track listing, but this works well as a bookend for the album. Dad’s Rating 8/10

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